Actores y actrices para corto "Una Americanada" en Madrid

Necesitamos 3 actores para interpretar al típico adolescente americano. Se requiere buen físico.

Necesitamos 3 actrices para interpretar a las típicas animadoras de película adolescente americana.

Tanto actores como actrices han de simular que tienen 17años.

Se requiere presentar fotografía y CV. La prueba consistirá en interpretación libre y texto que entregaremos en el casting, además de una pequeña prueba de canto para las chicas. ( no se requiere cantar bien)


El casting tendrá lugar los días 22 de marzo a las 19.00 y el 26 de marzo a las 16.00 (Día a elegir) en el I.E.S Carlos María Rodriguez de Valcárcel. Dirección: Plaza del Encuentro 4. Moratalaz, Madrid. Metro: Vinateros. Autobuses: 8,20,32,30,140,72.


El rodaje del corto tendrá lugar la semana del 16 al 21 de abril y se entregará copia del corto a cada actor/actriz.


Para cualquier consulta y para confirmar asistencia: una.americana@gmail.com


Importante: Recordar el nombre del corto "Una Americanada" puesto que se realizarán otros castings también ese día.


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He had all the clearness and quickness of mind which she wanted, and he could sometimes act an ungracious, or say a severe thing. e was not a great favourite with his fair sister-in-law. Nothing wrong in him escaped her. She was quick in feeling the little injuries to Isabella, which Isabella never felt herself. Perhaps she might have passed over more had his manners been flattering to Isabella's sister, but they were only those of a calmly kind brother and friend, without praise and without blindness; but hardly any degree

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of personal compliment could have made her regardless of that greatest fault of all in her eyes which he sometimes fell into, the want of respectful forbearance towards her father. There he had not always the patience that could have been wished. Mr. Woodhouse's peculiarities and fidgetiness were sometimes provoking him to a rational remonstrance or sharp retort equally ill-bestowed.
Be infinitely cleverer and not half so conceited. Now, Mr. Knightley, a word or two more, and I have done. As far as good intentions went, we were _both_ right, and I must say that no effects on my side of the argument have yet proved wrong. I only want to know that Mr. Martin is not very, very bitterly disappointed. A man cannot be more so, was his short, full answer. h!--Indeed I am very sorry.
This topic was discussed very happily, and others succeeded of similar moment, and passed away with similar harmony; but the evening did not close without a little return of agitation. The gruel came and supplied a great deal to

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be said--much praise and many comments-- undoubting decision of its wholesomeness for every constitution, and pretty severe Philippics upon the many houses where it was never met with tolerable;--but, unfortunately, among the failures which the daughter had to instance, the most recent, and therefore most prominent, was in her own cook at South End, a young woman hired for the time, who never had been able to understand what she meant by a basin of nice smooth gruel, thin, but not too thin. Often as she had wished for and ordered it, she had never been able to get any thing tolerable. Here was a dangerous opening. h! said Mr. Woodhouse, shaking his head and fixing his eyes on her with tender concern. --The ejaculation in Emma's ear expressed, Ah! there is no end of the sad consequences of your going to South End. It does not bear talking of.
Perry and the children, how are they? do the children grow? I have a great regard for Mr. Perry. I hope he will be calling soon. He will

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be so pleased to see my little ones. I hope he will be here to-morrow, for I have a question or two to ask him about myself of some consequence. And, my dear, whenever he comes, you had better let him look at little Bella's throat. Oh! my dear sir, her throat is so much better that I have hardly any uneasiness about it. Either bathing has been of the greatest service to her, or else it is to be attributed to an excellent embrocation of Mr.
Weston, poor Mrs. Weston, does come and see us pretty often-- but then--she is always obliged to go away again. It would be very hard upon Mr. Weston if she did not, papa. -- You quite forget poor Mr. Weston. I think, indeed, said John Knightley pleasantly, that Mr. Weston has some little claim.
But you need not imagine Mr. Weston to have felt what you would feel in giving up Henry or John. Mr. Weston is rather an easy, cheerful-tempered man, than a man of

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strong feelings; he takes things as he finds them, and makes enjoyment of them somehow or other, depending, I suspect, much more upon what is called society for his comforts, that is, upon the power of eating and drinking, and playing whist with his neighbours five times a week, than upon family affection, or any thing that home affords. Emma could not like what bordered on a reflection on Mr. Weston, and had half a mind to take it up; but she struggled, and let it pass. She would keep the peace if possible; and there was something honourable and valuable in the strong domestic habits, the all-sufficiency of home to himself, whence resulted her brother's disposition to look down on the common rate of social intercourse, and those to whom it was important. --It had a high claim to forbearance.
However, it was an exceeding good, pretty letter, and gave Mr. and Mrs. Weston a great deal of pleasure. I remember it was written from Weymouth, and dated Sept. 28th--and began, `My dear Madam, ' but I forget

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how it went on; and it was signed `F. C. Weston Churchill. '-- I remember that perfectly.
Either in the morning or evening of every day, excepting one, have we seen either Mr. Weston or Mrs. Weston, and generally both, either at Randalls or here--and as you may suppose, Isabella, most frequently here. They are very, very kind in their visits. Mr. Weston is really as kind as herself. Papa, if you speak in that melancholy way, you will be giving Isabella a false idea of us all. Every body must be aware that Miss Taylor must be missed, but every body ought also to be assured that Mr.
Wingfield thinks the vicinity of Brunswick Square decidedly the most favourable as to


air. Ah! my dear, it is not like Hartfield. You make the best of it-- but after you have been a week at Hartfield, you are all of you different creatures; you do not look like the same. Now I cannot say, that I think you are any of you looking well at present. I am sorry to hear you say so, sir; but I assure you, excepting those little nervous head-aches and palpitations which I am never entirely free from anywhere, I am quite well myself; and if the children were rather pale before they went to bed, it was only because they were a little more tired than usual, from their journey and the happiness of coming. I hope you will think better of their looks to-morrow; for I assure you Mr. Wingfield told me, that he did not believe he had ever sent us off altogether, in such good case. I trust, at least, that you do not think Mr.
She was not a woman of strong understanding or any quickness; and with this resemblance of her father, she inherited also much of his constitution; was delicate in her own health, over-careful of that of her children, had many fears and many nerves, and was as fond of her own Mr. Wingfield in town as her father could be of Mr. Perry. They were alike too, in a general benevolence of temper, and a strong

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habit of regard for every old acquaintance. r. John Knightley was a tall, gentleman-like, and very clever man; rising in his profession, domestic, and respectable in his private character; but with reserved manners which prevented his being generally pleasing; and capable of being sometimes out of humour. He was not an ill-tempered man, not so often unreasonably cross as to deserve such a reproach; but his temper was not his great perfection; and, indeed, with such a worshipping wife, it was hardly possible that any natural defects in it should not be increased. The extreme sweetness of her temper must hurt his.

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