Product Information

Gina Company is committed to producing super alloys with excellent performance. Whether it is corrosion resistant alloy or high temperature alloy, Jinnah has made comprehensive preparations for forging and rolling finished products, and you can provide customers with excellent finished products manufacturing at any time. Through in-depth finishing of forgings, we can provide customers with the final perfect products. To meet the requirements, focus on the needs of customers, provide customers with the best quality products and perfect services, and implement perfect environmental protection and safety measures.


Company Profiles

Gina Advanced Materials Corp. Ltd.

Gina Advanced Materials Corp., Ltd. which is sponsored by the Institute of Metal Research Chinese Academy of Sciences was founded in 2001, however the origin experience of alloy production can be traced to 1950s in which IMR set up. The company production location is at No.12-1 Lantai Road, Hunnan District, Shenyang.




Gina continues the research and development tradition of the Institute of Metal Research Chinese Academy of Sciences.